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Faster Economic Development And Attract Industries

Renowned global enterprises were invited to plan for the sustainable development of the 8 key industries, to attract the world‘s leading corporations and international capital investment.
A model of harmonious coexistence of man with nature.
A community base in Southeast Asia for Asia Pacific economic and trade cooperation.
A hub that strengthens Malaysia and Singapore economic integration.
Tourism & Mice
Forest City has an unique 650-meter coastline, mangroves, ecological rivers, golf leisured park and tourism resources, integrated with tourism transportation, water recreation, star-ranking hotels, international events, conventions and exhibitions, duty-free retail and other tourism and MICE services, driving Malaysia’s tourism economy, become a regional and international tourism destination.
Regional Headquater
Seizing the opportunity of establishing the FTA , Forest City will provide global enterprises with innovative office space and a new joint development platform, establishing an enterprise economic zone integrating office, scientific research, pilot project and industry, and realize the synergy effect of talents, capital, science and technology, information and capital, and finally become an important engine for the growth of the regional economy.
Education & Training
The well-known education institutes such as Newcastle University, Uniersity of Reading, University of Southampton, Management Development Institute of Singapore(MDIS) have well-established at EDUCITY, Iskandar. Meanwhile there are several well-known international schools to provide an elite education system from kindergarten to high school, including Shattuck St. Mary’s Forest City, Marlborough College, Raffles American School etc.
For the betterment of the community towards a healthier future, Forest City introduces internationally-renowned hospitals and healthcare industry cluster. Residents of Forest City can enjoy the holistic and advanced health care system to maintain wellness.
Forest City aims to build an e-commerce industrial base, as well as to provide a multi-functional integrated service platform for the e-commerce industries and small and medium-sized innovative start-up enterprises, with services including basic property management services, talent services, entrepreneurial innovation services, financial services and e-commerce services. Forest City strives to create a low-cost and sustainable e-commerce development for the small and medium-sized enterprises.
Near-Shore Finance
Benefiting from Singapore’s new round of industry restructuring, Forest City can help promote its financial sectors through two niche angles: knowledge- intensive mid-to-back office outsourcing and e-finance service hub.
Emerging Technology
In line with the economic development of Iskandar Malaysia, Forest City strives to introduce innovative models, entrepreneurial service platform, incubation platform etc in its development. Forest City will leverage on the Internet Plus Era, e-commerce, big data, new business to boost up the traditional economy.
Green & Smart Technology
Smart and green technology industry will be strongly introduced in Forest City to create an ideal, idyllic and technology-driven working space ecosystem. Forest City will promote smart and green industry development through an interconnected network of services provided within and outside the boundary of the islands. It provides potential enterprises in Forest City with one-stop services such as company registration service, resources sharing, co-working station, and financial services.

Core Industry on 1st Island

Three Core Industries Promote And Stimulate The Development Of Island One.
Healthcare & Medicine

Healthcare & Medicine

Forest city’s natural and healthy environment, combined with MJ Group as the core healthcare facility, future plans include nursing apartments, health conditioning center, nutrition and diet therapy health industry.
Tourism & Leisure

Tourism & Leisure

Supporting amenities include first class hotels, duty free shopping, entertainment, and leisure attractions, which meet residents demand for longer stays and continuously attract popularity.
Education & Training

Education & Training

Shattuck St.Marys as core education facility, and integrates education resources from the surrounding Educity, to provide a full range international education system from kindergarten to high school.
malaysia forest city project | business opportunities in malaysia | forest city industries

Industrialized Building System (IBS)

Industrialized Building System, or IBS, refers to the new production mode, where construction parts are manufactured in a modernized factory, then delivered to the construction site to be assembled.

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Forest City is a duty free area, facilitating conductive buisness environment, making it the most favourable economic zone in Malaysia. By 2035, Forest City is expected to create 220,000 jobs for Malaysia in the sectors of Green & Smart Technology, Tourism & MICE, Nearshore Finance, E-Commerce and more, benefiting local economy.
malaysia forest city project | business opportunities in malaysia | forest city industries

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