Forest City Overview

country garden forest city | forest city project | forest city overview

Cutting-Edge Planning & Design

As a group of four man-made islands, Forest CIty is first and foremost, visually distinct from the other developments and townships in Iskandar. It also distinguishes itself in other ways; in building Forest City as independent islands from the ground up, Country Garden Pacificview has the freedom to create an urban landscape and key elements that foster an ideal living environment. These unique features will also enhance the security and privacy of Forest City.
Low-carbon, green city with a sustainable community incorporating a system of energy-efficient buildings that meet green standards.
A Smart City where cutting-edge technology enhances all facets of urban life, delivering a rewarding lifestyle.
A vibrant city with a high-density community that is synchronized with the world.
A harmonious society embracing the rich heritage created by the diversity of cultures of its residents.

Strategic Location

Its superior location is a key factor enabling Forest City to attract a number of outstanding strategic partners in such a short time. Forest City will contribute significantly to the region’s economic growth by attracting spillover industrial opportunities from Singapore.

Being a special economic zone within the Iskandar special economic zone, Forest City is the gateway connecting Singapore and Malaysia.
country garden forest city | forest city project | forest city overview

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