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Forest city innovates the building construction method with ingenuity, and brings the most futuristic construction wisdom by integrating the building information model (BIM) technology and the building industrial system technology into the whole process of architectural design, prefabrication, construction and operation.

Building Information Modeling(BIM)

Digital building construction management aims to fully take the advantages of building information modelling (BIM) to improve the traditional construction process.

The ministry of Public Works of Malaysia (Jabatan Kerja Raya) has actively advocated the application of BIM to various national construction projects since 2007. At present, Malaysia strongly encourages developers to adopt BIM to improve project construction efficiency and reduce the cost of construction due to errors in the planning and design phase, which will decrease the environmental impact from the projects and achieve sustainable development.

CGPV has established the digital engineering center  (DEC) in 2017 with focus on the Forest City development to be smart city. DEC is dedicated to implement BIM across the whole building life cycle by providing digital practices from design, precast manufacturing and construction in the project delivery process even to the operation and maintenance phase after the projects are handed over.

DEC proudly holds a digital engineering team to have BIM implementation capabilities for the entire building lifecycle in Malaysia.

In the development and construction of the forest city projects, DEC realized the design inspection of the 3D modelling of the building, the deepening of the prefabricated component design, the automated production, the 4D/5D dynamic construction management, and the accumulation of 6D digital asset model information throughout the construction process. These will significantly improve the efficiency and the quality of construction and building management, operation and maintenance of the building after the projects are delivered.

In addition to the assistance of internal projects in Forest City, DEC also actively explores external business opportunities. Currently, DEC undertakes the Hong Kong airport expansion project and demonstrates great adaptability to the external market.

Building Industrial System

The building industrial system provides a new type of building production and construction method in which some components and parts of a building are produced and transported to a construction site for assembly in a modern factory. It can greatly improve on-site construction efficiency, improve building quality, save water, auxiliary materials and land resources, reduce energy consumption, improve on-site working environment, absorb and form stable local employment, and promote economic development in the area.

After the Second World War, the housing shortage and urbanization process in the world continued to advance, which brought an opportunity for the rapid development of industrial buildings. Europe, North America, Japan, Singapore and other places have adopted industrialization methods to improve building production efficiency and share the social and environmental benefits. The Chinese government has also drawn up plans to build more than 30% of China’s houses in an industrialized way within 10 years.

In order to achieve sustainable development of the national economy, the Malaysian government has vigorously promoted the widespread application of building industrialization. Through the implementation of the Eco System Approach, the Malaysian Investment and Trade Development Agency began with material design, construction and supply chains to optimize the entire industrial chain and increase the overall utilization of building industrialization. As of 2014, more than 1,700 government projects across Malaysia have used prefabricated plant technology.

To this end, since August 17, 2016, Forest City has established an industrialized subsidiary (CGPV Industrial Building System Sdn. Bhd.), which is mainly responsible for the automated production of prefabricated components in forest cities. The current phase of the modern prefabricated plant has been put into production.

Forest City Building Industrialization Of The Most

Forest City Industrial Building Park

Combined with the mature prefabricated building experience in Malaysia and Singapore, Forest City introduces advanced production methods of western industrialization, integrates domestic and foreign advantageous resources, and is supported by the forest city regional company platform, and the forest city industrialization subsidiary (CGPV Industrial Building System Sdn. Bhd. As the main body, focus on building a forest city industrial building park.

Forest City industrial building park covers an area of approximately 417 acres. Relying on the strong driving force of Forest City development, the park will become the leading production base of comprehensive and modern building products in Asia and even in the world, which integrates the whole industrial chain of architectural design, PC prefabrication production, logistics transportation, spare parts processing, assembly construction, scientific and technological research and development.

At this stage, the first phase of modern PC prefabrication plant has been completed, and each production line has been put into production from June to August 2017. The main products cover various structural and non-structural building components, and the prefabrication rate has reached more than 75%. The first phase of the plant is designed to have an annual production capacity of 260,000 cubic meters of concrete, equivalent to the components required for a building area of 1 million square meters. After visiting CGPV Industrial Building System Sdn. Bhd., the Minister of Trade and Industry of Malaysia praised the prefabricated industrialization base of Forest City as fully embodying the concept of environmental protection, high efficiency and safety.

In May 2019, CGPV Industrial Building System Sdn. Bhd., the largest fully automated industrialization base in Malaysia, was included in the Malaysia Book of Records. Baru Bian, the Minister of Works  came to the industrial base to attend the ceremony.

Business Scope

As the leading comprehensive industrial base in Asia-Pacific region and even in the world, Forest City Industrial Building Park not only meets the construction needs of Forest City, but also undertakes a variety of business from the global industrial chain of construction industrialization, such as design, research and development, production and processing, and technical consultation and management.


1. Design & Development

1)Design Consultation of the Whole Process of Construction Industrialization

2)Research and development of Industrialized Whole Industry Chain

2. Production and Processing

3. BIM Consultation

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