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Top 100 Golf Courses In Asia Awards Ceremony Shines At Forest City Legacy Golf Course

From April 26th to 28th, golfers around the world gathered at the Forest City Legacy Golf Course & Forest City Phoenix International Golf Hotel, where the 3rd Top 100 Golf Course Awards in Asia Ceremony was held.

The selection committee comprising of 60 professional golfers and golf course managers from 11 countries and regions. The golf courses are closely evaluated according to the six indicators of the golf course, such as the playability, fairness and impartiality, aesthetics, memorable, maintenance, facilities and services.

Top100 Golf Courses In Asia is jointly sponsored by the Chinese version and the Korean version of Golf Travel magazine. Li Chao, publisher of Golf Travel, and representatives from major golf clubs in Asia attended the event. Once the lineup gathered in the hall, their passion for the game can be felt instantly.

Golf Travel was founded in 2011, with golf as its focus and tourism as an extension. It aims to promote the sport as a lifestyle. It currently enjoys the largest circulation of similar magazines. Apart from the International Golf Travel Writers, there are world-class golfers, travel writers and photographers who attended the events. To-date, Golf Travel covered China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions. It is the most influential media in the industry.

A special selection committee meeting was held during the event. A total of 21 judges from 8 countries and regions were present to discuss on the selection criteria and upcoming trend among the Top 100 in Asia. In the current selection, the committee also evaluated the Forest City Legacy golf course and its hotel in preparation for the next year competition.

“The mangrove background around the course, the water system and the landscape are very beautiful, and the lawn maintenance are of great quality,” said Li Chao, a judge of Top 100 Courses in Asia and the publisher of Golf Travel.

Forest City Legacy Golf Course was designed by Jack Nicklaus and Jack Nicklaus Jr. Although it was just completed recently, this golf course has hosted multiple international golf events, such as World Amateur Golfers Championship (WAGC) 2018 Global Finals, World Corporate Golf Challenge (WCGC) China Annual Total Final event and other related events. The more golf events are held here, the more businessmen from all over the world will come to Forest City. To-date, tens of thousands of international golfers from more than 40 countries in different industries have come to experience the new golf course.

Of these top 100 courses, the number of countries and regions on the list has increased to 16, and 14 of them were first-time finalists. Both numbers were the highest since the award started, which proves that the overall growth of the Asian golf industry is still very much competitive. Vice President of Club Car Asia Pacific, Mike Ramey believes that the golf industry in Asia, especially in Southeast Asia, grew the most among the rest in the world.

There are 27 golf courses in Johor, rich in resources and high quality, in line with international golf standards. Forest City will continue to promote the development of golf tourism whereby the new Forest City LGK Heritage Golf Course will be open soon. Forest City will create a golf resort paradise in Johor where the standard is on par with the best in the world.

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