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Your Smart Island Life Has Begun in Forest City

Since the first quarter of 2019, Forest City has started its Phase II Apartment <Starview Bay> handover. Tens of thousands of property owners will continuously arrive at their new home at 1st Parallel North to lead a new happy life. 


Forest City is positioned as a green and smart development, and strives to build a smart and futuristic community for all property owners. Among the smart experience of Phase II Apartment <Starview Bay>, we have built a comprehensive smart island life that covers three aspects: community security, smart living services and smart living experience for all the families, so that the concepts of safety, convenience, green and smart are integrated into every corner of life.

Smart Security System, Ensuring the Safety of Property Owners

Facial and Fingerprint Recognition

With just one touch, the system will immediately recognise the property owner’s fingerprint information and automatically open entrance and elevator doors, allowing the property owner to take the elevator directly to their front door. In addition, the smart security system also comes with facial recognition to create an unimpeded homecoming experience for all property owners.

Electric Fence

Ever heard of an invisible electric fence? Forest City has built a virtual fence around the entire community. If a suspicious or dangerous situation arises, the management centre will automatically trigger the alarm to provide double security to your daily life!

Emergency Alarms

Forest City has placed emergency alarm buttons in parking areas, and once there is unusual circumstance, a real-time video call can be made to the Security Centre.

In addition, Forest City’s one-stop living service platform, Forest Life App, also provides the following attentive services:

App Remote Video Intercom and Door Opening

If no one answers the home intercom when a visitor arrives, the system will automatically call the property owner’s mobile phone in order to initiate video intercom and obtain permission to open the door.

App Remote Monitoring

You can check the video surveillance of public areas of the community anytime and get to know the community activities in the area.

App Remote Alarm

In case of special circumstances, property owners can contact the Security Centre anytime through the App to call the police, ensuring the safety of property owners and their family.

Forest Life App, Caring for You Around the Clock

Forest City’s one-stop living service platform, Forest Life App, which integrates community services, e-commerce and entertainment services, has also been launched! Property owners can enjoy convenient functions on the App such as property services (requesting for repair works, water and electricity payments, and property announcements), handy living services (tourism consultation, hotel services, and online shopping), transportation services (car-sharing, online car hailing, traffic guide), and so on.

Smart Living – Community Service with Human Warmth

It is the core of Forest City’s smart community service to always prioritise all property owners’ living needs. Forest City has prepared Super Value Move-In Bonus for all property owners: Download and use the Forest Life App, Receive Shopping Cash Voucher with one tap, and enjoy the attentive service of “Receiving voucher online, Getting discount offline” anytime. 

On top of that, Forest City has also created Malaysia’s first smart community digital library dedicated to property owners – “Readlife”. Property owners can log in through the Forest Life App with one tap and enjoy “Cloud Reading” anytime and anywhere without any charges. 

You may ask, how will community life look like in Forest City? Through the online community platform, neighborhood life, activity announcements, and other methods, owners will be able to understand community happenings at any time to create a harmonious, warm and happy community environment. In addition, Forest City has even created Malaysia’s first smart robot service community, and the robot has been launched in the property centre in order to provide property owners with personalised business inquiries, multi-language interaction, a welcome guide and other services. The cute and lovely robot will always be at your service, and property owners are welcome to interact with it anytime!

Science and technology serves the city, and wisdom changes life. Since its establishment, Forest City has been committed to introducing cutting-edge technologies and creating a warm humanistic community environment with wisdom, culture and vitality in order to provide property owners with convenience and efficiency in this new smart living experience. 

In the future, Forest City will continue to develop and introduce smarter and convenient services that will benefit the life of all property owners in the development of a better, smart community to ensure a better future for all.


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