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GELANG PATAH, 16 December 2019: Forest City, a smart and ecological development by Country Garden Pacificview (CGPV) Sdn Bhd is in full swing. After the first “Beach Cleaning Movement” that was held on 16th November, Forest City also collaborates with the Malaysian Nature Society to organise an environmental talk, encouraging staff and residents of Forest City to explore the surrounding marine ecosystem.

The environmental talk was delivered by Vincent Chow, the vice president of Malaysian Nature Society, and was translated into Mandarin by Abbott Chong, the chairman of Malaysian Nature Society (Johor). The talk has attracted more than 100 staff and residents to attend, and they have reflected that the talk was indeed informative, allowing them to better understand the surrounding natural ecological environment and they have benefitted a lot from it.

Despite the rapid growth and mega scale development which inviting various reactions from local and overseas, Forest City remains confident in its planning. Starting with Staff and Residents Go Green Project to sponsoring scientific research institution to work on environmental research organising environmental talk and forum, Forest City is putting effort in exploring the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.


Forest City recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) on 29 October 2019. Forest City Management believes that efforts to conserve the environment are important and should be carried out with the help of experts in this field.

Since 2015, Forest City has focused its efforts on conserving seagrasses located on the Tanjung Kupang Meadow. This conservation effort is in collaboration with a group of scientists from Universiti Putra Malaysia who are also seagrass experts. After various initiatives, the Tanjung Kupang Meadow has shown positive growth, recovery and back to its original form.

Besides that, recognizing Forest City development areas surrounded by flora such as mangrove swamps that are home to many species of fauna, Forest City aims to expand and strengthen conservation efforts that encompass the area.

Various environmental conservation initiatives have been planned and will be carried out by Forest City as part of CSR activities, including academic seminars on the importance of marine ecosystems, species diversity and to develop a green museum that will showcase marine life specimens around Tanjung Kupang and Sungai Pulai.

Our General Manager of Brand Management, Zhou Jun said, “This initiative is a must because it is in line with Forest City’s development and concept. Maintaining environmental sustainability is a value added and the strength of our products, where it offers the owner a home surrounded by greenery and beautiful sea views.”

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