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Classic Creates A New Legend

When the first morning light go through the mist and shine upon the vast land of 1st Parallel North, Forest City is awakened with vitality and enthusiasm. After successfully organizing the annual finals of WCGC China Qualifiers, the 3rd Asian Top 100 Golf Course Awards Ceremony, Forest City will usher in again a masterpiece of golf world – the Classic Golf Course.

-The magnificent construction view of the Classic Golf Course-

This is another impactful work of Forest City after the Legacy Golf Course designed by Jack Nicklaus. A marvellous creation of the classic that is worthy to be treasured by every golf enthusiast…


Designer invents classics, paying tribute to his passion in life

Mr.Liang Guokun, China’s experienced landscape designing master incorporating golf terrain design concept into garden landscape design. He is critical and has very high self-expectations, persisting in making every detail of the Classic Golf Course perfect. 

-Classic Golf Course construction view-


I can’t hear the tides, but I can hear the heart

The Master’s sense of beauty and wisdom in design are infused into the ups and downs of the terrain. He carefully selects plants that are suitable to grow in this environment, let different colours and varieties of plants to complement each other, pesenting a richer and more diverse landscape effect.

-Classic Golf Course construction view-


Infinite challenge, creating legend

The Classic Golf Course is close to nature where the water system creates a charming landscape. During early stage of the design, the Master carefully considered different experiences brought by different terrains in global golf course design, and finally creating the most subversive and challenging golf course terrain in his design career.

– Construction view: The green grass and clear water enhanced each other’s beauty-


The beauty of light and shadow, dreamy and magical

Super high sense of beauty is a necessary criterion in building the Classic Golf Course. The warm and passionate 1st Parellel North is especially favoured by the sunlight. The Master skilfully brings each terrain to follow the slopes and the sunlight’s angles, illustrating different moments of breath-taking lights and shadows.

– Construction view: The changes of lights and shadows that follow the sunlight’s angle-

Classic Golf Course is currently in the final stage of construction and will be open in mid-August. When the time comes, we will present you a stunning green view. More wisdom and business opportunities will also be presented.

Between static and dynamic, looking forward to more golf enthusiasts recreating the legend…


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