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Forest City’s “Feathers of the Sea” International Business Complex Won 2019 Asian Townscape Jury’s Award

On November 29, 2019, the “Asian Townscape Awards” ceremony and the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the “Asian Townscape Awards” were held at Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan. Forest City was awarded the 2019 Asian Townscape Jury’s Award by virtue of its Feathers of the Sea International Business Complex green building design, its design and planning concept of sustainable development, and other highlights such as its comprehensive planning and application of a smart city as well as protection measures for the ecological environment.

Asian Townscape Jury’s Award” trophy

Forest City’s “Feathers of the Sea” International Business Complex is the only business complex project in Malaysia to win this award, and it is also the first time that Forest City has won this international award. Additionally, Forest City’s “Feathers of the Sea” International Business Complex project has also won the “Asian Townscape Design Award – Innovative Design Award” awarded by the Asian Townscape Design Society.

  Left: “Asian Townscape Design Award – Innovative Design Award”, Right: “Asian Townscape Jury’s Award”

A Carefully Planned Green Smart City

Focusing on the Region’s Future Development

  Group photo of the winners of the 2019 “Asian Townscape Jury’s Award”

Director of the UN-HABITAT Asia-Pacific office, Mr. Atsushi Koresawa, pointed out in his keynote speech entitled “Smart and Inclusive City” that, technological revolution is changing the way people connect, conduct business, provide services, and live in cities. For city leaders, technological advances offer many opportunities to address urban challenges and help them make informed decisions effectively.

Forest City and International Lions Club partnered in 2017 to protect and plant saplings in Tanjung Piai mangroves

The term “smart city” is no longer just a concept. The Asian Townscape Awards believe that Forest City is a project of international cooperation that promotes the development of south Malaysia. The “Feathers of the Sea” International Business Complex in Forest City not only reveals a unique way of thinking, but also improves the fragile ecological environment of the coastal area through wetland park construction, seaweed restoration plans and other measures. Not only does it have environmental and social value for biodiversity conservation, but it’s also significantly exemplary for future construction in other countries. Wang Jiying, Deputy General Manager of Country Garden’s Overseas Business Department, also mentioned in his speech: Thinking about effective land use and sustainable development planning from a longer-term perspective, and applying scientific and technological measures proactively is a topic worth thinking about. Based on the principle of sustainable and resilient development, Forest City has carried out innovative measures by integrating green and smart concepts in all aspects. The award is another important recognition of the concept of Forest City’s green and sustainable development.

The “Asian Townscape Awards” was jointly established by UN-HABITAT’s Asia Pacific office, Asian Habitat Society, the Fukuoka Asian Urban Research Center, and the Asian Townscape Design Society in 2010. The award is an annual award for projects and activities that have made outstanding contributions to sustainable landscape construction. The winning projects of “Asian Townscape Awards” have been screened at various stages, including a preliminary review and reviews from the relevant institutions in their country, and is finally submitted for a final review. Therefore, the value of the award is self-evident.

The Feathers of the Sea Landmark Development Empowerment

Propels the Growth of Regional Multi-Industry Developments

On June 26, 2019, the first phase of Forest City’s landmark Feathers of the Sea project was successfully completed. Whether it’s from the viewpoint of industrial development, traffic planning or commercial structures, it is another powerful propeller of Forest City to start regional multi-industry developments.

  Overlooking the landmark – Feathers of the Sea

The natural integration of commercial location and landscape advantages is the inevitable result of careful planning of the first phase of the landmark. As we all know, location is a prime consideration for businesses, and it is where numerous business opportunities are discovered. The Feathers of the Sea project was built at the dual core location of the CBD (Central Business District) and CLD (Central Living District). It faces south to the estuary of the Strait of Malacca, is close to traffic hubs and can be said to enjoy the favour of strategic geography and popular demand.

△  Forest City Night Lights

The first phase of Feathers of the Sea plans to become the first choice for tourism and shopping in Johor Bahru with a various diversity of businesses, breaking the traditional commercial shopping center mold and moving towards a new commercial scene. In the future, it plans to welcome large-scale duty-free shops, international brand flagship stores, high-end supermarkets, specialty foods, children’s entertainment, and much more, presenting a new and innovative marina holiday shopping experience, while promoting the upgrading of the city’s businesses and industrial structure.

Promoting the green concept in the development of various industries,

Endows the regional economy with strong vitality,

Writing a powerful footnote for the future of urban development.

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